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Website Design & Web App Development Services

PHP development of responsive and dynamic websites, mobile web apps and online services.
15 years of development experience in business analysis and project management. Requirements analysis, systems specification, deployment to web servers and maintenance support. Detailed quote breakdowns of time and cost estimates for all of your online web based projects.

Planning & Strategy

Your web development checklist and project plan. Solid specifications on client requirements. Info gathering, site maps and wireframes. Pointing out a suitable framework or CMS to prototype layouts and obtain feedback.

Content Creation & Copy Editing

Marketing strategies sell your brand. Quality content sets you apart. In-depth research and writing/editing of your copy for web pages, newsletters, and press releases. Engage your visitors across all platforms through existing or new content.

Responsive Design

Capture audience attention with great user experience (UX) on a wide range of devices. Easy navigation, smooth transitions and a responsive user interface (UI) to cater for every type of device.

Future-proof Development

Change is constant. Anticipate change and develop methods to separate, isolate, and modularize. Your data, logic and user interface should offer interchangeable components to your project as a whole. The changing online environment demands easy upgrades, replacing components with another technology without major hassles.

24 / 7 Support

Help for your web apps and website systems as they grow and see increased traffic. Backups, maintenance and updates. Staying live is critical when you are always available online.

Maintenance & Optimization

Performance checks, site activity logs, and reports on user analytics and site visitors. The importance of quick load speeds and user attention spans.

work portfolio

Latest projects, websites, web apps, and responsive designs.

Snakebite First Aid App

Snakes of Southern Africa

K53 Learner's App

K53 Learner's Test Mobile Application

Butterflies of South Africa

PHP/Bootstrap/Sqlite CMS and Editorial Approval System

OTS Order Tracking System

Order Tracking & Invoicing System

DevCoDesign Website & Blog

Website and Blog Development


Domain registration, website hosting, front-end design in responsive HTML and CSS standards, backend PHP and SQL database development, to framework customization, support and maintenance. Your web development requirements all covered by a single channel of communication.

  • Domain Registration, and Server Hosting

    Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP)

    Domain name registration, website maintenance and management. Hosted on reliable and consistent international web hosting platforms.

  • Development Frameworks

    Custom PHP systems or CMS Frameworks and databases as the situation requires.

    Best practices, proven standards, and the Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) principles speed up development, save on costs, and create secure, well maintained code, web services, and online tools. PHP frameworks and web components from established libraries such as Symfony, jQuery, Twig Templating for HTML in Bootstrap integrate great for responsive frontend frameworks.

  • Search Engine Optimization & User Analytics

    Optimization for search engines and site analytics provide insight into how you appear to clients.

    Rank on search engines with the correct information, and engage visitors.

  • Landing Pages

    Single web pages focus the attention on your new service, product, ebook or app. Engaging the user without distraction.

    A web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular product, service or section of a website.

  • Single Page Websites

    The scrolling web page.

    A one page website is simply a single page that uses only one long flow of content. When clicking on navigation links, the jumps to the specific content's section, already loaded and instantly available.

  • Full Websites

    Traditional websites consist of multiple web pages each with it's own content, style and unique purpose.

    A collection of related web pages, and multimedia content such as images and video dedicated to aspects of the overall website.

  • Admin Dashboards

    Admin dashboards let the user manage dynamic website content.

    A dashboard typically displays items which require urgent action at the top of the page, providing admin functionality and other statistics often not publically accessible.

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    Here To Help

    A single point of contact for all of your project requirements, web development and support.

    Domain registration, server setup, web hosting, and development under one roof.

Some of the other languages, frameworks, libraries, tools and components used by DevCoDesign

About DevCoDesign

Web Design, Fullstack PHP, SQL Database and Web Development local to Cape Town, South Africa! Great user experiences and responsive user interfaces. Dynamic data driven websites and online applications. Excellent web development services at an affordable rate!


Develop // Code // Design

DevCoDesign showcases over a decade of digital experience and education in Frontend Design, Business Computing and Information Sciences, and Software Engineering. From the early days of garage startups, to digital teams producing and distributing ebooks, creating websites, developing systems and mobile apps at large corporates. DevCoDesign is a showcase of experience, skillsets and completed projects now part of a freelance studio. Available to any client requiring great web development services.




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